Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon FIG Apparatus Norms 2016 II RG 2-6 01.01.2016

All hand apparatus which are supposed to be used at FIG sanctioned events shall have markings according to FIG rules. At FIG sanctioned events only FIG approved hand apparatuses shall be used.


Material: Hemp or similar suitable material
Length: Optional for Senior and Junior Gymnasts
Thickness: Uniform or reinforced in the centre.
Shape: Both rope-ends, with or without knots. Without wooden-handle. May be wrapped with a thin non-slip material in a length corresponding to the width of a hand.
Colour: Optional. Bright colour preferred.


Material: Wood or synthetics
Weight: 300 g.
Minimum Inner diameter: 800 – 900 mm Senior Gymnasts, 700 – 900 mm Junior Gymnasts
Can be wrapped
Colour: Optional. Bright colour preferred.


Material: Rubber or soft plastic, antistatic
Weight: 400 g. minimum
Diameter: 180 – 200 mm Senior and Junior Gymnasts
Colour: Optional. Bright colour preferred.


Material: Wood or synthetics
Length: 400 – 500 mm Senior and Junior Gymnast
Weight: 150 g. min.
Shape: Bottle shape Diameter of the head: 30 mm max.
Colour: Optional. Bright colour preferred. Can be wrapped. (The head of the clubs must be fixed firmly to the neck of the apparatus. It shall not rotate)


Material: Satin or similar.
Total length 7 m in one piece. The end at which the ribbon is attached to the cane is folded and doubled in a length of 1 meter ± 0.1 m. The ready-made ribbon has a total length of 6 meters, min. (5 meters, min for Juniors)
Weight: 35 g. minimum, without the cane (30 g. min. for Juniors)
Width: 40 – 60 mm
Colour: Optional. Bright colour preferred.

Gymnastic Ribbons Cane

Material: Wood, bamboo, fibreglass or synthetics
Length: 500 – 600 mm
Diameter: maximum 10 mm at the thickest point.
Shape: cylindrical or conic.
The handle may be wrapped in a thin anti-slip material with a length of 100 mm max.
Colour: Optional.


Material: cord, nylon-thread or similar item, or moveable ring resp. a swivel attached to the cane.
Length: 70 mm maximum